View Source Membrane.WebRTC.Track.Encoding (Membrane WebRTC plugin v0.14.1)

A struct holding data passed via SDP about a possible encoding of a track

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@type t() :: %Membrane.WebRTC.Track.Encoding{
  audio_channels: pos_integer() | nil,
  clock_rate: pos_integer(),
  format_params: ExSDP.Attribute.FMTP.t() | nil,
  name: String.t(),
  payload_type: non_neg_integer(),
  red_payload_type: non_neg_integer() | nil,
  rtcp_feedback: MapSet.t(ExSDP.Attribute.RTCPFeedback.t()),
    %{payload_type: non_neg_integer(), rtx_time: non_neg_integer() | nil} | nil