Membrane.WebRTC.Server.Peer.AuthData (WebRTC Server v0.1.2) View Source

Structure representing data required to perform authentication during peer initialization and authorization when a peer is joining a room.

Metadata and credentials are extracted via Membrane.WebRTC.Server.Peer.parse_request/1 and used in Membrane.WebRTC.Server.Peer.on_init/3 and Membrane.WebRTC.Server.Room.on_join/2.


  • :peer_id - A unique identifier created automatically during peer initialization.
  • :credentials - Map containing information such as username and password.
  • :metadata - Any additional metadata needed to perform authorization and authentication.

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t() :: %Membrane.WebRTC.Server.Peer.AuthData{
  credentials: map(),
  metadata: any(),
  peer_id: Membrane.WebRTC.Server.Peer.peer_id()