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copy(type, recorded_message, copy_list)

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The copy function constructs a message from another message's data.


iex> recorded_message = %EventStore.RecordedEvent{
...> causation_id: nil,
...> correlation_id: "abcd1234",
...> created_at: ~U[2021-07-15 12:15:07.379908Z],
...> data: %{foo: "bazinga"},
...> event_id: "b9fcdccd-a495-4df3-889a-4b38f35a2618",
...> event_number: 935,
...> event_type: "Test",
...> metadata: %{bar: "baz", moo: 1},
...> stream_uuid: "test-123",
...> stream_version: 935
...> }
iex> Message.copy("Foo", recorded_message, [:data, [:metadata, :bar]])
  event_id: nil,
  event_type: "Foo",
  data: %{foo: "bazinga"},
  metadata: %{bar: "baz"},
  causation_id: nil,
  correlation_id: nil


Copying the metadata should be used with extreme caution, and has no practical use in everyday applicative logic. Except for certain testing and infrastructural scenarios, copying the identifying metadata from one message to another can result in significant malfunctions if the copied message is then written to a stream and processed.