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open?(conn, type \\ :read_write)

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open?(t(), :read | :write | :read_write) :: boolean()

Checks whether the connection is open.

This function returns true if the connection is open, false otherwise. It should be used to check that a connection is open before sending requests or performing operations that involve talking to the server.

The type argument can be used to tell whether the connection is closed only for reading, only for writing, or for both. In HTTP/1, a closed connection is always closed for both reading and writing. In HTTP/2, the connection can be closed only for writing but not for reading, meaning that you cannot send any more data to the server but you can still receive data from the server. See the "Closed connection" section in the module documentation of Mint.HTTP2.

If a connection is not open for reading and writing, it has become useless and you should get rid of it. If you still need a connection to the server, start a new connection with connect/4.


{:ok, conn} = Mint.HTTP.connect(:http, "", 80)
#=> true