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get_client_setting(conn, name)

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get_client_setting(t(), atom()) :: term()

Gets the value of the given HTTP/2 client setting.

This function returns the value of the given HTTP/2 setting that the client advertised to the server. Client settings can be advertised through put_settings/2 or when starting up a connection.

Client settings have to be acknowledged by the server before coming into effect.

This function is HTTP/2 specific. For more information on HTTP/2 settings, see the related section in the RFC.

See the "HTTP/2 settings" section in the module documentation for more information.

Supported settings

The possible settings that can be retrieved are described in setting/0. Any other atom passed as name will raise an error.


Mint.HTTP2.get_client_setting(conn, :max_concurrent_streams)
#=> 500