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get_window_size(conn, connection_or_request)

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get_window_size(t(), :connection | {:request, Mint.Types.request_ref()}) ::

Returns the window size of the connection or of a single request.

This function is HTTP/2 specific. It returns the window size of either the connection if connection_or_request is :connection or of a single request if connection_or_request is {:request, request_ref}.

Use this function to check the window size of the connection before sending a full request. Also use this function to check the window size of both the connection and of a request if you want to stream body chunks on that request.

For more information on flow control and window sizes in HTTP/2, see the section below.

HTTP/2 flow control

In HTTP/2, flow control is implemented through a window size. When the client sends data to the server, the window size is decreased and the server needs to "refill" it on the client side. You don't need to take care of the refilling of the client window as it happens behind the scenes in stream/2.

A window size is kept for the entire connection and all requests affect this window size. A window size is also kept per request.

The only thing that affects the window size is the body of a request, regardless of if it's a full request sent with request/5 or body chunks sent through stream_request_body/3. That means that if we make a request with a body that is five bytes long, like "hello", the window size of the connection and the window size of that particular request will decrease by five bytes.

If we use all the window size before the server refills it, functions like request/5 will return an error.


On the connection:

HTTP.get_window_size(conn, :connection)
#=> 65_536

On a single streamed request:

{:ok, conn, request_ref} = HTTP2.request(conn, "GET", "/", [], :stream)
HTTP.get_window_size(conn, {:request_ref, request_ref})
#=> 65_536

{:ok, conn} = HTTP2.stream_request_body(conn, request_ref, "hello")
HTTP.get_window_size(conn, {:request_ref, request_ref})
#=> 65_531