View Source Moon.Design.Dropdown.BottomOptions (Moon v2.85.0)

Options list for the Dropdown component


  • value :any, from_context: :value - Value of the selected option(s)
  • is_open :boolean, from_context: :is_open - If the optionlist is open, got from context
  • size :string, values!: ~w(sm md lg), default: "md" - Size of the options
  • class :css_class - Additional CSS classes for the div
  • values :map, from_context: :values - Additional values to be passed
  • titles :list, default: [] - List of the options. Used when no
  • option_module :atom, default: Moon.Design.Dropdown.Option
  • testid :string - Data-testid attribute for div
  • id :string - Id attribute for div
  • as_dropdown_on :string, values: ~w(sm md lg xl 2xl), from_context: :as_dropdown_on - Experimental: makes BottomSheet behave as Modal on some screen widths, please reffer to


  • option
  • default


  • on_change, from_context: :on_change - On option click event, in most cases got from context
  • on_close, from_context: :close_me - Click event, in most cases got from context



Callback implementation for Surface.Component.render/1.