View Source mix nbx.gen.cache (Nebulex v2.6.1)

Generates a new cache.

The cache will be placed in the lib directory.

For generating a cache with the config, you can run:

mix nbx.gen.cache -c MyApp.Cache

Besides, you can also specify the adapter you want to use, like so:

mix nbx.gen.cache -c MyApp.LocalCache -a Nebulex.Adapters.Local
mix nbx.gen.cache -c MyApp.PartitionedCache -a Nebulex.Adapters.Partitioned
mix nbx.gen.cache -c MyApp.ReplicatedCache -a Nebulex.Adapters.Replicated
mix nbx.gen.cache -c MyApp.MultilevelCache -a Nebulex.Adapters.Multilevel

Command line options

  • -c, --cache - The cache to generate.

  • -a, --adapter - The cache adapter to use (optional). Defaults to Nebulex.Adapters.Local.