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A Pointer is any object that can be referenced by its id.

Pointer is a simple table consisting of three fields:

  • id - the database-unique id for this pointer in ULID format.
  • table_id - a type tag, references Table.
  • deleted_at - timestamp of when the object was deleted, null by default.

To reference any object, simply reference Pointer:

alias Needle.Pointer
belongs_to :object, Pointer

To define a new object type there are two options, you should choose one:

  • Virtual - an object type with a view over Pointer limited by type.
  • Pointable - an object type with a table which is kept synchronised with Pointer.

For most purposes, you should use a Virtual. Pointable exists mostly to support existing code. The major difference in practice is that you cannot add new fields to a virtual. Most of the time you will want to store such extra fields in one or more mixins anyway so they may be reused.

See Mixin for more information about mixins.



Changeset for creating a Pointer


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create(id \\ Needle.ULID.generate(), table)

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Changeset for creating a Pointer