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Manage NervesHub deployments


mix nerves_hub.deployment list

Command-line options

  • --product - (Optional) Only show deployments for one product. This defaults to the Mix Project config :app name.


Create a new deployment

mix nerves_hub.deployment create

Command-line options

  • --name - (Optional) The deployment name
  • --firmware - (Optional) The firmware UUID
  • --version - (Optional) Can be blank. The version requirement the device's version must meet to qualify for the deployment
  • --tag - (Optional) Multiple tags can be set by passing this key multiple times


Update values on a deployment.


Update active firmware version

mix nerves_hub.deployment update dev firmware fd53d87c-99ca-5770-5540-edb5058ced5b

Activate / Deactivate a deployment

mix nerves_hub.deployment update dev state on

General usage:

mix nerves_hub.firmware update [deployment_name] [key] [value]

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create(org, product, opts)

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render_help() :: no_return()

Callback implementation for Mix.Task.run/1.

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update(deployment, key, value, org, product, auth \\ nil)

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