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Manages your products.


Create a new NervesHub product. The shell will prompt for information about the product. This information can be passed by specifying one or all of the command line options.

mix nerves_hub.product create

Command-line options

  • --name - (Optional) The product name


mix nerves_hub.product list


mix nerves_hub.product delete [product_name]


Update product metadata.

Call list to retrieve product names and metadata keys


Change product name

mix nerves_hub.product update example name example_new

Managing user roles

The following functions allow the management of user roles within your product. Roles are a way of granting users a permission level so they may perform actions for your product. The following is a list of valid roles in order of highest role to lowest role:

  • admin
  • delete
  • write
  • read

NervesHub will validate all actions with your user role. If an action you are trying to perform requires write, the user performing the action will be required to have an org role of write or higher (admin, delete).

Managing user roles for your product will require that your user has the product role of admin.

user list

List the users and their role for the product.

mix nerves_hub.product user list PRODUCT_NAME

user add

Add an existing user to a product with a role.

mix nerves_hub.product user add PRODUCT_NAME USERNAME ROLE

user update

Update an existing user for your product with a new role.

mix nerves_hub.product user update PRODUCT_NAME USERNAME ROLE

user remove

Remove an existing user from having a role for your product.

mix nerves_hub.product user remove PRODUCT_NAME USERNAME

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delete(org, product_name)

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render_help() :: no_return()

Callback implementation for Mix.Task.run/1.

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update(org, product, key, value)

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user_add(org, product, username, role, auth \\ nil)

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user_remove(org, product, username)

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user_update(org, product, username, role)

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