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Manage your NervesHub user account.

Users are authenticated to the NervesHub API by supplying a valid client certificate with every request. User certificates can be generated and managed on https://www.nerves-hub.org/account/certificates

NervesHub will look for the following files in the location of $NERVES_HUB_HOME

ca.pem:       A file that contains all known NervesHub Certificate Authority
              certificates needed to authenticate.
user.pem:     A signed user account certificate.
user-key.pem: The user account certificate private key.


mix nerves_hub.user whoami


mix nerves_hub.user register


mix nerves_hub.user auth


mix nerves_hub.user deauth

cert export

mix nerves_hub.user cert export

Command-line options

  • --path - (Optional) A local location for exporting certificate.

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