View Source NervesHubLinkCommon.UpdateManager.State (nerves_hub_link_common v0.4.2)

Structure for the state of the UpdateManager server. Contains types that describe status and different states the UpdateManager can be in

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@type status() ::
  | {:fwup_error, String.t()}
  | :update_rescheduled
  | {:updating, integer()}
@type t() :: %NervesHubLinkCommon.UpdateManager.State{
  download: nil | GenServer.server(),
  fwup: nil | GenServer.server(),
  fwup_config: NervesHubLinkCommon.FwupConfig.t(),
  status: status(),
  update_info: nil | NervesHubLinkCommon.Message.UpdateInfo.t(),
  update_reschedule_timer: nil | :timer.tref()