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bulk_overwrite_global_application_commands(application_id \\ Me.get().id, commands)

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bulk_overwrite_global_application_commands(, [map()]) ::
  {:ok, [map()]} | error()

Overwrite the existing global application commands.

This action will:

  • Create any command that was provided and did not already exist
  • Update any command that was provided and already existed if its configuration changed
  • Delete any command that was not provided but existed on Discord's end

Updates will be available in all guilds after 1 hour. Commands that do not already exist will count toward daily application command create limits.


  • application_id: Application ID for which to overwrite the commands. If not given, this will be fetched from Me.
  • commands: List of command configurations, see the linked API documentation for reference.

Return value

Updated list of global application commands. See the official reference: