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create_channel_invite(channel_id, options \\ [], reason \\ nil)

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Creates an invite for a guild channel.

An optional reason can be provided for the audit log.

This endpoint requires the CREATE_INSTANT_INVITE permission.

If successful, returns {:ok, invite}. Otherwise, returns a Nostrum.Api.error/0.


  • :max_age (integer) - duration of invite in seconds before expiry, or 0 for never. (default: 86400)
  • :max_uses (integer) - max number of uses or 0 for unlimited. (default: 0)
  • :temporary (boolean) - Whether the invite should grant temporary membership. (default: false)
  • :unique (boolean) - used when creating unique one time use invites. (default: false)


{:ok, Nostrum.Struct.Invite{}}

Nostrum.Api.create_channel_invite(41771983423143933, max_uses: 20)
{:ok, %Nostrum.Struct.Invite{}}