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create_group_dm(access_tokens, nicks)

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create_group_dm([String.t()], %{
  optional( => String.t()
}) :: error() | {:ok, Nostrum.Struct.Channel.group_dm_channel()}

Creates a new group DM channel.

If successful, returns {:ok, group_dm_channel}. Otherwise, returns a Nostrum.Api.error/0.

access_tokens are user oauth2 tokens. nicks is a map that maps a user id to a nickname.


Nostrum.Api.create_group_dm(["6qrZcUqja7812RVdnEKjpzOL4CvHBFG"], %{41771983423143937 => "My Nickname"})
{:ok, %Nostrum.Struct.Channel{type: 3}}