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edit_channel_permissions(channel_id, overwrite_id, permission_info, reason \\ nil)

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    :type => String.t(),
    optional(:allow) => integer(),
    optional(:deny) => integer()
) :: error() | {:ok}

Edit the permission overwrites for a user or role.

Role or user to overwrite is specified by overwrite_id.

permission_info is a map with the following keys:

  • type - Required; member if editing a user, role if editing a role.
  • allow - Bitwise value of allowed permissions.
  • deny - Bitwise value of denied permissions.
  • type - member if editing a user, role if editing a role.

An optional reason can be provided for the audit log.

allow and deny are defaulted to 0, meaning that even if you don't specify them, they will override their respective former values in an existing overwrite.