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execute_webhook(webhook_id, webhook_token, args, wait \\ false)

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    content: String.t(),
    username: String.t(),
    avatar_url: String.t(),
    tts: boolean(),
    file: String.t(),
    embeds: [Nostrum.Struct.Embed.t()]
) :: error() | {:ok}

Executes a webhook.


  • webhook_id - Id of the webhook to execute.
  • webhook_token - Token of the webhook to execute.
  • args - Map with the following required keys:
    • content - Message content.
    • file - File to send.
    • embeds - List of embeds to send.
    • username - Overrides the default name of the webhook.
    • avatar_url - Overrides the default avatar of the webhook.
    • tts - Whether the message should be read over text to speech.
  • wait - Whether to return an error or not. Defaults to false.

Only one of content, file or embeds should be supplied in the args parameter.