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avatar_url(user, image_format \\ "webp")

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avatar_url(t(), String.t()) :: String.t()

Returns the URL of a user's display avatar.

If :avatar is nil, the default avatar url is returned.

Supported image formats are PNG, JPEG, WebP, and GIF.


iex> user = %Nostrum.Struct.User{avatar: "8342729096ea3675442027381ff50dfe",
...>                             id: 80351110224678912}
iex> Nostrum.Struct.User.avatar_url(user)
iex> Nostrum.Struct.User.avatar_url(user, "png")

iex> user = %Nostrum.Struct.User{avatar: nil,
...>                             discriminator: "1337"}
iex> Nostrum.Struct.User.avatar_url(user)