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history(channel, optional_params \\ %{})

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Fetches history of messages and events from a multiparty direct message.

Required Params

  • channel - Multiparty direct message to fetch history for.

Optional Params

  • count - Number of messages to return, between 1 and 1000. ex: 100
  • inclusive - Include messages with latest or oldest timestamp in results. ex: 1
  • latest - End of time range of messages to include in results.
  • oldest - Start of time range of messages to include in results.
  • unreads - Include unread_count_display in the output? ex: 1

Errors the API can return:

  • channel_not_found - Value passed for channel was invalid.
  • invalid_ts_latest - Value passed for latest was invalid
  • invalid_ts_oldest - Value passed for oldest was invalid