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update(channel, text, ts, optional_params \\ %{})

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Updates a message.

Required Params

  • channel - Channel containing the message to be updated.
  • text - New text for the message, using the default formatting rules. ex: Hello world
  • ts - Timestamp of the message to be updated. ex: 1405894322.002768

Optional Params

  • as_user - Pass true to update the message as the authed user. Bot users in this context are considered authed users. ex: true
  • attachments - Structured message attachments. ex: [{"pretext": "pre-hello", "text": "text-world"}]
  • link_names - Find and link channel names and usernames. Defaults to none. This parameter should be used in conjunction with parse. To set link_names to 1, specify a parse mode of full. ex: 1
  • parse - Change how messages are treated. Defaults to client, unlike chat.postMessage. See below. ex: none

Errors the API can return:

  • cant_update_message - Authenticated user does not have permission to update this message.
  • channel_not_found - Value passed for channel was invalid.
  • edit_window_closed - The message cannot be edited due to the team message edit settings
  • message_not_found - No message exists with the requested timestamp.
  • msg_too_long - Message text is too long
  • no_text - No message text provided