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list(optional_params \\ %{})

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Returns a list of all channel-like conversations in a workspace.

Optional Params

  • cursor - Paginate through collections of data by setting the cursor parameter to a next_cursor attribute returned by a previous request's response_metadata. Default value fetches the first "page" of the collection. See pagination for more detail. ex: dXNlcjpVMDYxTkZUVDI=
  • exclude_archived - Set this to true to exclude archived channels from the list ex: true
  • limit - The maximum number of items to return. Fewer than the requested number of items may be returned, even if the end of the list hasn't been reached. Must be an integer no larger than 1000. ex: 20
  • types - Mix and match channel types by providing a comma-separated list of any combination of public_channel, private_channel, mpim, im ex: public_channel,private_channel

Errors the API can return:

  • invalid_cursor - Value passed for cursor was invalid.
  • invalid_limit - Value passed for limit was invalid.
  • invalid_types - Value passed for type could not be used based on the method's capabilities or the permission scopes granted to the used token.
  • method_not_supported_for_channel_type - This type of conversation cannot be used with this method.