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members(channel, optional_params \\ %{})

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Returns a paginated list of members party to a conversation.

Required Params

  • channel - ID of the conversation to retrieve members for ex: G1234567890

Optional Params

  • cursor - Paginate through collections of data by setting the cursor parameter to a next_cursor attribute returned by a previous request's response_metadata. Default value fetches the first "page" of the collection. See pagination for more detail. ex: dXNlcjpVMDYxTkZUVDI=
  • exclude_archived - Set this to true to exclude archived channels from the list ex: true
  • limit - The maximum number of items to return. Fewer than the requested number of items may be returned, even if the end of the list hasn't been reached. ex: 20

Errors the API can return:

  • channel_not_found - Value passed for channel was invalid.
  • fetch_members_failed - Failed to fetch members for the conversation.
  • invalid_cursor - Value passed for cursor was invalid.
  • invalid_limit - Value passed for limit was invalid.
  • method_not_supported_for_channel_type - This type of conversation cannot be used with this method.