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replies(channel, ts, optional_params \\ %{})

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Returns an entire thread (a message plus all the messages in reply to it), while conversations.history method returns only parent messages.

Bot user tokens may use this method for direct message and multi-party direct message conversations but lack sufficient permissions to use this method on public and private channels.

Required Params

  • channel - Conversation ID to fetch thread from. ex: G1234567890
  • ts - Unique identifier of a thread's parent message. ex: 1234567890.123456

Optional Params

  • cursor - Paginate through collections of data by setting the cursor parameter to a next_cursor attribute returned by a previous request's response_metadata. Default value fetches the first "page" of the collection. See pagination for more detail. ex: dXNlcjpVMDYxTkZUVDI=
  • inclusive - Include messages with latest or oldest timestamp in results only when either timestamp is specified. ex: true
  • latest - End of time range of messages to include in results. ex: 1234567890.123456
  • limit - The maximum number of items to return. Fewer than the requested number of items may be returned, even if the end of the users list hasn't been reached. ex: 20
  • oldest - Start of time range of messages to include in results. ex: 1234567890.123456

Errors the API can return:

  • channel_not_found - Value for channel was invalid
  • invalid_cursor - Value passed for cursor was invalid.
  • invalid_ts_latest - Value passed for latest was invalid.
  • invalid_ts_oldest - Value passed for oldest was invalid.
  • thread_not_found - Value for ts was missing or invalid