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list(optional_params \\ %{})

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Lists & filters team files.

Optional Params

  • channel - Filter files appearing in a specific channel, indicated by its ID.

  • ts_from - Filter files created after this timestamp (inclusive). ex: 123456789

  • ts_to - Filter files created before this timestamp (inclusive). ex: 123456789

  • types - Filter files by type:

  • all - All files

  • posts - Posts

  • snippets - Snippets

  • images - Image files

  • gdocs - Google docs

  • zips - Zip files

  • pdfs - PDF files

You can pass multiple values in the types argument, like types=posts,snippets.The default value is all, which does not filter the list. ex: images

  • user - Filter files created by a single user.

Errors the API can return:

  • unknown_type - Value passed for types was invalid
  • user_not_found - Value passed for user was invalid