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remove(optional_params \\ %{})

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Removes a star from an item.

Optional Params

  • channel - Channel to remove star from, or channel where the message to remove star from was posted (used with timestamp).
  • file - File to remove star from.
  • file_comment - File comment to remove star from.
  • timestamp - Timestamp of the message to remove star from.

Errors the API can return:

  • bad_timestamp - Value passed for timestamp was invalid.
  • channel_not_found - Channel, private group, or DM specified by channel does not exist
  • file_comment_not_found - File comment specified by file_comment does not exist.
  • file_not_found - File specified by file does not exist.
  • message_not_found - Message specified by channel and timestamp does not exist.
  • no_item_specified - file, file_comment, channel and timestamp was not specified.
  • not_starred - The specified item is not currently starred by the authenticated user.