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set(optional_params \\ %{})

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Set the profile information for a user.

Optional Params

  • name - Name of a single key to set. Usable only if profile is not passed. ex: first_name
  • profile - Collection of key:value pairs presented as a URL-encoded JSON hash. At most 50 fields may be set. Each field name is limited to 255 characters. ex: { first_name: "John", ... }
  • user - User to retrieve profile info for ex: W1234567890
  • value - Value to set a single key to. Usable only if profile is not passed. ex: John

Errors the API can return:

  • cannot_update_admin_user - Only a primary owner can update the profile of an admin.
  • invalid_profile - Profile object passed in is not valid JSON (make sure it is URL encoded!).
  • not_admin - Only admins can update the profile of another user. Some fields, like email may only be updated by an admin.
  • not_app_admin - Only team owners and selected members can update the profile of a bot user.
  • profile_set_failed - Failed to set user profile.
  • reserved_name - First or last name are reserved.