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Controllers is located in /src/controllers/ of your Nova application. A controller is basically a regular Erlang module but that exposes functions you've provided in the routing file. Such a module can look something like this:


index(_NovaReq) ->
    {ok, []}.

NovaReq is a modified cowboy_req that contains information from Nova and Cowboy. Returning {ok, Parameters} from a module means that it will render the corresponding template and return it to the user.

A controller can return a set of different values;

{json, Map} will return a JSON-object to the user

{json, StatusCode, HeadersMap, Map} Same as the above but will now also signal a different HTTP-code as well as custom headers

{ok, Variables} Will render the template with Variables

{ok, Variables, Options} Same as the above but with additional options TODO Explain the options

{status, StatusCode} Sends out a plain status code. If there's a corresponding route for this status code the route will be called

{status, StatusCode, ExtraHeaders} Same as the above but with additional headers

{redirect, Route} Returns a 302 together with a route to the user

Note; A controller does not need to have a corresponding view.



A REST-controller is just a html-controller without the view part. You can return the same terms as for HTML-controller except for the {ok, ...} answer.



More info coming soon...