API Reference Nx v0.5.1




Numerical Elixir.

The behaviour for tensor backends.

Creates a batch of tensors (and containers).

An opaque backend written in pure Elixir that stores the data in Elixir's binaries.

Common constants used in computations.

A protocol that teaches Nx how to traverse data structures non-recursively.

Numerical functions.

The specification and helper functions for custom defn compilers.

Functions to deal with composite data types according to Nx.Container.

The default implementation of a Nx.Defn.Compiler that evaluates the expression tree against the tensor backend.

All imported functionality available inside defn blocks.

A defn token used by hooks.

Helper functions to traverse defn expressions, either as single nodes or recursively.

Provides a heatmap that is printed using ANSI colors in the terminal.

Converts a data structure to a container lazily and recursively.

Nx conveniences for linear algebra.

Pseudo-random number generators.

Serving encapsulates client and server work to perform batched requests.

The protocol for streaming data in and out of backends.

An opaque backend written that is used as template to declare the type, shape, and names of tensors to be expected in the future.

The tensor struct and the behaviour for backends.

Conveniences for working with types.