View Source Oban.Config (Oban v2.11.2)

The Config struct validates and encapsulates Oban instance state.

Options passed to Oban.start_link/1 are validated and stored in a config struct. Internal modules and plugins are always passed the config with a :conf key.

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option() :: {:name, module()} | {:conf, t()}


t() :: %Oban.Config{
  dispatch_cooldown: pos_integer(),
  engine: module(),
  get_dynamic_repo: nil | (() -> pid() | atom()),
  log: false | Logger.level(),
  node: binary(),
  notifier: module(),
  plugins: [module() | {module() | Keyword.t()}],
  prefix: binary(),
  queues: [{atom(), Keyword.t()}],
  repo: module(),
  shutdown_grace_period: timeout()