View Source Upgrading to v2.12

This Oban release includes a couple of optional configuration changes to aid in testing and development.


Bump Your Deps

Update Oban (and optionally Pro) to the latest versions:

  {:oban, "~> 2.12"},
  {:oban_pro, "~> 0.11", repo: "oban"}


Modify Configuration for Testing

The new :testing option automates configuring an Oban instance for testing. Make the following change to your test.exs to opt into :manual testing mode:

# test.exs
- config :my_app, Oban, queues: false, plugins: false
+ config :my_app, Oban, testing: :manual

If you'd prefer to run jobs inline as they're inserted, without involving the database, then you can use :inline mode instead:

config :my_app, Oban, testing: :inline

See the testing guide to learn more about test configuration.