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check_queue(name \\ __MODULE__, opts)

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check_queue(name(), opts :: [{:queue, queue_name()}]) :: queue_state()

Check the current state of a queue producer.

This allows you to introspect on a queue's health by retrieving key attributes of the producer's state; values such as the current limit, the running job ids, and when the producer was started.


  • :queue - a string or atom specifying the queue to check, required


Oban.check_queue(queue: :default)
  limit: 10,
  node: "me@local",
  paused: false,
  queue: "default",
  running: [100, 102],
  started_at: ~D[2020-10-07 15:31:00],
  updated_at: ~D[2020-10-07 15:31:00]