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new(args, opts \\ [])

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new(args(), [option()]) :: changeset()

Construct a new job changeset ready for insertion into the database.


  • :max_attempts — the maximum number of times a job can be retried if there are errors during execution
  • :meta — a map containing additional information about the job
  • :priority — a numerical indicator from 0 to 3 of how important this job is relative to other jobs in the same queue. The lower the number, the higher priority the job.
  • :queue — a named queue to push the job into. Jobs may be pushed into any queue, regardless of whether jobs are currently being processed for the queue.
  • :schedule_in - the number of seconds until the job should be executed
  • :replace_args - if the arguments should be replaced on a unique conflict
  • :replace - a list of keys to replace on a unique conflict
  • :scheduled_at - a time in the future after which the job should be executed
  • :tags — a list of tags to group and organize related jobs, i.e. to identify scheduled jobs
  • :unique — a keyword list of options specifying how uniqueness will be calculated. The options define which fields will be used, for how long, with which keys, and for which states.
  • :worker — a module to execute the job in. The module must implement the Oban.Worker behaviour.


Insert a job with the :default queue:

%{id: 1, user_id: 2}
|> Oban.Job.new(queue: :default, worker: MyApp.Worker)
|> Oban.insert()

Generate a pre-configured job for MyApp.Worker and push it:

%{id: 1, user_id: 2} |> MyApp.Worker.new() |> Oban.insert()

Schedule a job to run in 5 seconds:

%{id: 1} |> MyApp.Worker.new(schedule_in: 5) |> Oban.insert()

Insert a job, ensuring that it is unique within the past minute:

%{id: 1} |> MyApp.Worker.new(unique: [period: 60]) |> Oban.insert()

Insert a unique job based only on the worker field, and within multiple states:

fields = [:worker]
states = [:available, :scheduled, :executing, :retryable, :completed]

%{id: 1}
|> MyApp.Worker.new(unique: [fields: fields, period: 60, states: states])
|> Oban.insert()

Insert a unique job considering only the worker and specified keys in the args:

keys = [:account_id, :url]

%{account_id: 1, url: "https://example.com"}
|> MyApp.Worker.new(unique: [fields: [:args, :worker], keys: keys])
|> Oban.insert()