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🌟 This notifier is available through Oban.Pro

The PG Notifier is a notifier implementation that runs with Distributed Erlang. Out of the box, Oban uses PostgreSQL's LISTEN/NOTIFY for PubSub. For most applications, that is fine, but Postgres-based PubSub isn't sufficient in some circumstances.

Usage and Configuration

Note: You must be using Distributed Erlang to use the PG notifier.

Specify the PG notifier in your Oban configuration:

config :my_app, Oban,
  notifier: Oban.Pro.Notifiers.PG,

Implementation Notes

  • The notifier will use pg if available (OTP 23+) or fall back to pg2 for older OTP releases.

  • Like the Postgres implementation, notifications are namespaced by prefix.

  • For compatbility, message payloads are always serialized to JSON before broadcast and deserialized before relay to local processes.