Before continuing, be sure you have Oban up and running in your app!

Oban.Pro is delivered as a private hex package named oban_pro. Before you can pull the package into your application you need to authenticate with the oban organization.

$ mix hex.organization auth oban --key YOUR_OBAN_LICENSE_KEY

⚠️ You'll also need to authenticate on any other development machines, build servers and CI instances.

Now that you're authenticated you're ready to add oban_pro as a dependency for your application. Open mix.exs and add the following line:

{:oban_pro, "~> 0.6.2", organization: "oban"}

Now fetch your dependencies:

$ mix deps.get

There isn't any direct configuration for Oban.Pro. Instead, you configure Oban to run plugins directly and use the various workers. For example, to use the Lifeline plugin you'd add it to the Oban config within config.exs:

config :my_app, Oban,
  repo: MyApp.Repo,
  queues: [alpha: 10, gamma: 10, delta: 10],
  plugins: [Oban.Pro.Plugins.Lifeline]

See the individual plugin docs for a detailed description of what they do, how to use them, and how they're configured.