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🌟 Oban.Pro is a collection of plugins, workers and extensions that improve Oban's reliability even further and make difficult workflows possible. It is provided as a separate package and is available through a paid license.

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  • Smart Engine — A queue engine that enables truly global concurrency and global rate limiting.


  • PG Notifier — An alternate notifier implementation using process groups and built on Distributed Erlang.


  • DynamicPruner — Delete completed or exhausted jobs based on configurable limits with detailed overrides.

  • DynamicCron — Configure cron scheduling at runtime, globally, across an entire cluster.

  • Lifeline — Rescue orphaned jobs and periodically prune outdated producer records.

  • Relay — Insert and await the results of jobs across any number of nodes, i.e. persistent distributed tasks.

  • Reprioritizer — Prevents queue starvation by automatically adjusting priorities to ensure all jobs are eventually processed.


  • Batch — Process jobs in groups while tracking overall progress across all nodes and executing optional callbacks.

  • Chunk — Process jobs atomically in groups based on size or timeout, with robust error handling semantics.

  • Workflow — Compose workers together with arbitrary dependencies between jobs, allowing sequential, fan-out and fan-in execution.