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@type t() :: %OffBroadway.Splunk.Leader.State{
  broadway: Atom.t(),
  done_progress: nil | Integer.t() | Float.t(),
  event_count: Integer.t(),
  is_done: boolean(),
  is_zombie: boolean(),
  published: String.t(),
  sid: String.t(),
  splunk_client: Tuple.t()

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new(map_or_kwlist, opts \\ [])

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@spec new(ExConstructor.map_or_kwlist(), Keyword.t()) ::
    broadway: term(),
    done_progress: term(),
    event_count: term(),
    is_done: term(),
    is_zombie: term(),
    published: term(),
    sid: term(),
    splunk_client: term()