OnFlow is an Elixir client for interacting with the Flow blockchain. Documentation here: https://hexdocs.pm/on_flow.


Note that the GRPC and cowlib libraries are required. As of the time of writing, the latest versions of these packages are not published to hex. To avoid dependency errors, you should include them both and add override: true to your mix.exs.

def deps do
    {:on_flow, "~> 0.5"},
    {:grpc, github: "elixir-grpc/grpc", override: true},
    {:cowlib, "~> 2.9", override: true}


Point OnFlow to the GRPC server by adding the following to your config/config.exs:

config :on_flow, host: "access.testnet.nodes.onflow.org:9000", connect_on_start:

Replace the :host value with the location of the server you're using. Be sure to use the production server in your config/prod.exs if applicable.

Alternatively, you can skip configuration and connect manually with: