OpenRtbEcto.V2.BidRequest.App (OpenRtbEcto v0.1.3) View Source

This object should be included if the ad supported content is a non-browser application (typically in mobile) as opposed to a website. A bid request must not contain both an App and a Site object. At a minimum, it is useful to provide an App ID or bundle, but this is not strictly required.

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t() :: %OpenRtbEcto.V2.BidRequest.App{
  bundle: term(),
  cat: term(),
  content: term(),
  domain: term(),
  ext: term(),
  id: term(),
  keywords: term(),
  name: term(),
  pagecat: term(),
  paid: term(),
  privacypolicy: term(),
  publisher: term(),
  sectioncat: term(),
  storeurl: term(),
  ver: term()

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changeset(app, attrs \\ %{})

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