OpenRtbEcto.V2.BidResponse.Bid (OpenRtbEcto v0.1.3) View Source

A SeatBid object contains one or more Bid objects, each of which relates to a specific impression in the bid request via the impid attribute and constitutes an offer to buy that impression for a given price.

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t() :: %OpenRtbEcto.V2.BidResponse.Bid{
  adid: term(),
  adm: term(),
  adomain: term(),
  api: term(),
  attr: term(),
  bundle: term(),
  burl: term(),
  cat: term(),
  cid: term(),
  crid: term(),
  dealid: term(),
  exp: term(),
  ext: term(),
  h: term(),
  hratio: term(),
  id: term(),
  impid: term(),
  iurl: term(),
  language: term(),
  lurl: term(),
  nurl: term(),
  price: term(),
  protocol: term(),
  qagmediarating: term(),
  tactic: term(),
  w: term(),
  wratio: term()

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changeset(bid, attrs \\ %{})

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