OpenRtbEcto.V3.BidRequest.Deal (OpenRtbEcto v0.1.3) View Source

This object constitutes a specific deal that was struck a priori between a seller and a buyer. Its presence indicates that this item is available under the terms of that deal.

Attribute         Type                     Definition
id string; required A unique identifier for the deal.
flr float Minimum deal price for this item expressed in CPM.
flrcur string;
default "USD"
Currency of the flr attribute specified using ISO-4217 alpha codes.
at integer Optional override of the overall auction type of the request, where 1 = First Price, 2 = Second Price Plus, 3 = the value passed in flr is the agreed upon deal price. Additional auction types can be defined by the exchange using 500+ values.
wseat string array Whitelist of buyer seats allowed to bid on this deal. IDs of seats and the buyer’s customers to which they refer must be coordinated between bidders and the exchange a priori. Omission implies no restrictions.
wadomain string array Array of advertiser domains (e.g., allowed to bid on this deal. Omission implies no restrictions.
ext object Optional exchange-specific extensions.

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changeset(deal, attrs \\ %{})

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