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This object represents a unit of goods being offered for sale either on the open market or in relation to a private marketplace deal. The id attribute is required since there may be multiple items being offered in the same bid request and bids must reference the specific item of interest. This object interfaces to Layer-4 domain objects for deeper specification of the item being offered (e.g., an impression).

Attribute         Type                     Definition
id string; required A unique identifier for this item within the context of the offer (typically starts with “1” and increments).
qty integer;
default 1
The number of instances (i.e., “quantity”) of this item being offered (e.g., multiple identical impressions in a digital out-of-home scenario).
seq integer If multiple items are offered in the same bid request, the sequence number allows for the coordinated delivery.
flr float Minimum bid price for this item expressed in CPM.
flrcur string;
default “USD”
Currency of the flr attribute specified using ISO-4217 alpha codes.
exp integer Advisory as to the number of seconds that may elapse between auction and fulfilment.
dt integer Timestamp when the item is expected to be fulfilled (e.g. when a DOOH impression will be displayed) in Unix format (i.e., milliseconds since the epoch).
dlvy integer;
default 0
Item (e.g., an Ad object) delivery method required, where 0 = either method, 1 = the item must be sent as part of the transaction (e.g., by value in the bid itself, fetched by URL included in the bid), and 2 = an item previously uploaded to the exchange must be referenced by its ID. Note that if an exchange does not supported prior upload, then the default of 0 is effectively the same as 1 since there can be no items to reference.
metric object array An array of Metric objects. Refer to Object: Metric.
deal object array Array of Deal objects that convey special terms applicable to this item. Refer to Object: Deal.
private integer;
default 0
Indicator of auction eligibility to seats named in Deal objects, where 0 = all bids are accepted, 1 = bids are restricted to the deals specified and the terms thereof.
spec object; required Layer-4 domain object structure that provides specifies the item being offered conforming to the specification and version referenced in openrtb.domainspec and openrtb.domainver.
For AdCOM v1.x, the objects allowed here are Placement and any objects subordinate to these as specified by AdCOM.
ext object Optional exchange-specific extensions.

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