OpenRtbEcto.V3.BidResponse.Macro (OpenRtbEcto v0.1.3) View Source

This object constitutes a buyer defined key/value pair used to inject dynamic values into media markup. While they apply to any media markup irrespective of how it is conveyed, the principle use case is for media that was uploaded to the exchange prior to the transaction (e.g., pre-registered for creative quality review) and referenced in bid. The full form of the macro to be substituted at runtime is ${CUSTOM_KEY}, where “KEY” is the name supplied in the key attribute. This ensures no conflict with standard OpenRTB macros.

Attribute         Type                     Definition
key string; required Name of a buyer specific macro.
value string Value to substitute for each instance of the macro found in markup.
ext object Optional demand source specific extensions.

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changeset(macro, attrs \\ %{})

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