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This object is the bid response object under the Openrtb root. Its id attribute is a reflection of the bid request ID. The bidid attribute is an optional response tracking ID for bidders. If specified, it will be available for use in substitution macros placed in markup and notification URLs. At least one Seatbid object is required, which contains at least one Bid for an item. Other attributes are optional.

To express a “no-bid”, the most compact option is simply to return an empty response with HTTP 204. However, if the bidder wishes to convey a reason for not bidding, a Response object can be returned with just a reason code in the nbr attribute.

Attribute         Type                     Definition
id string; required ID of the bid request to which this is a response; must match the attribute.
bidid string Bidder generated response ID to assist with logging/tracking.
nbr integer Reason for not bidding if applicable (see List: No-Bid Reason Codes). Note that while many exchanges prefer a simple HTTP 204 response to indicate a no-bid, responses indicating a reason code can be useful in debugging scenarios.
cur string;
default “USD”
Bid currency using ISO-4217 alpha codes.
cdata string Allows bidder to set data in the exchange’s cookie, which can be retrieved on bid requests (refer to cdata in Object: Request) if supported by the exchange. The string must be in base85 cookie-safe characters.
seatbid object array Array of Seatbid objects; 1+ required if a bid is to be made. Refer to Object: Seatbid.
ext object Optional demand source specific extensions.

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changeset(response, attrs \\ %{})

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