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Methods define callable functions and are invoked using the :ref:Call <method-services> service. MethodNodes may have special properties (variable childen with a hasProperty reference) with the :ref:qualifiedname (0, "InputArguments") and (0, "OutputArguments"). The input and output arguments are both described via an array of UA_Argument. While the Call service uses a generic array of :ref:variant for input and output, the actual argument values are checked to match the signature of the MethodNode.

Note that the same MethodNode may be referenced from several objects (and object types). For this, the NodeId of the method and of the object providing context is part of a Call request message.

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new(term(), list()) :: %OpcUA.MethodNode{
  args: term(),
  browse_name: term(),
  description: term(),
  display_name: term(),
  executable: term(),
  write_mask: term()