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check_for_export(module, export)


check_for_export(atom(), atom()) ::
  {:function | :macro, [non_neg_integer()]} | nil

For a module and export, returns either nil or a tuple describing the export.

This function does not retrieve private function or macro arities, as its intended use case is for dynamically finding if a given function or macro can be called upon within a given module, and if so, with how many arguments.

## Examples

  iex> check_for_export(String, :trim)
  {:function, [1, 2]}

  iex> check_for_export(PassiveSupport.Path.Sigil, :sigil_P)
  {:macro, [2]}

  iex> check_for_export(Integer, :possibly_private_but_equally_likely_not_to_exist)