PassiveSupport.Utils (passive_support v0.8.3)

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alert(message, label \\ nil)

See PassiveSupport.Logging.alert/2.

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critical(message, label \\ nil)

See PassiveSupport.Logging.critical/2.

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debug(message, label \\ nil)

See PassiveSupport.Logging.debug/2.

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emergency(message, label \\ nil)

See PassiveSupport.Logging.emergency/2.

Zippy check of what the config_env was at compile time...

... that is, provided you

config :mix, env: config_env()

in your config/config.exs file. Otherwise it just gives you nil.

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error(message, label \\ nil)

See PassiveSupport.Logging.error/2.

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info(message, label \\ nil)


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notice(message, label \\ nil)

See PassiveSupport.Logging.notice/2.

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Start a nonblocking instance of IEx.Pry

Starts a Pry session at the line of code where invoked, in a nonblocking manner with respect to the calling process, but only when the compile-time env/0 is :dev.

Inlined by the compiler.

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warn(message, label \\ nil)

See PassiveSupport.Logging.warn/2.