API Reference pdf417 v0.2.0



The public interface for PDF417. Use #encode/1 or /2 for great goodness.

Clusters are the different representations of the 917 codewords in the standard.

Picks which mode to compact a region of text with, and does the compaction.

Calculates Reed-Solomon error correction codewords for a given message and security level

This encoder takes the input String and converts it to an array of numbers 0-917. Currently supported are two modes, text (ASCII), and numeric.

This module takes the output from the HighLevelEncoder and converts it to the integers that represent the codewords in binary, and outputs a 2d matrix of those numbers. The codewords are stored in clusters.ex, as the standard has three versions used so that no two lines will ever repeat the same codeword.

Converts numbers to compacted form, as an array of base 900 digits

Takes a grid (matrix) of integers and turns them into a PNG. All the integers in the grid need to be 17-digits in base 2, with the exception of the stop character, which per the standard has one extra bit.

Factors for Reed-Solomon error correction

Converts text to compacted form, each letter pair becomes a number 0-899