View Source Philtre.Block.ContentEditable.Selection (philtre v0.11.1)

Holds current selection in a block.

Passed from client to backend and vice-versa when executing block commands.

The ids are ids of cells in which a selection starts or ends. The offests are indices within those cells where the selection starts or ends.

That means a simple caret (a cursor somewhere in the block text) will have the same ids and same offsets.

Similarly, a selection of a text within a single cell will have the same ids, but different offsets.

Lastly, a selection across cells within a block will have different ids and different offsets.

Selection across blocks is not possible. Only whole blocks can be selected and this is handled at a different level.

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@type t() :: %Philtre.Block.ContentEditable.Selection{
  end_id: | nil,
  end_offset: non_neg_integer() | nil,
  start_id: | nil,
  start_offset: non_neg_integer() | nil

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