mix phx.digest (Phoenix v1.5.7) View Source

Digests and compresses static files.

mix phx.digest
mix phx.digest priv/static -o /www/public

The first argument is the path where the static files are located. The -o option indicates the path that will be used to save the digested and compressed files.

If no path is given, it will use priv/static as the input and output path.

The output folder will contain:

  • the original file
  • the file compressed with gzip
  • a file containing the original file name and its digest
  • a compressed file containing the file name and its digest
  • a cache manifest file

Example of generated files:

  • app.js
  • app.js.gz
  • app-eb0a5b9302e8d32828d8a73f137cc8f0.js
  • app-eb0a5b9302e8d32828d8a73f137cc8f0.js.gz
  • cache_manifest.json